Development Quality

  • Job Identity

The Job identity module retrieves Talend job-related information.

  • Project name
  • Job name
  • Talend version
  • Last retrieval date
  • Job path
  • Job version
  • Job description
  • JVM arguments
  • Components used.
  • Development quality
  • Score
  • Observation
  • Recommendation
  • Context variables used
  • Metadata used
  • Joblets used
  • Child jobs used
  • Routines used

  • Best practice

This module allows retrieving quality metrics with more details.

Search mode

The search can be performed by :

  • Jobs / job prefix
  • Projects
  • Talend developer
  • Modification period (calendar)

The quality KPIs that we propose are as follows :

  • Number of jobs with at least one component without “die_on_error”
  • Difference between connection openings and closings
  • Number of jobs with at least one tMap having 4 or more lookups
  • Minimum of 3 jobs with 3 expressions in OUTPUT
  • Rows in 4 jobs using PERSISTENCE
  • Number of jobs with at least one component without “Use Existing Connection”
  • Number of jobs with at least one hardcoded value
  • Number of jobs not using implicit context
  • Number of jobs with only default names on all components
  • Number of jobs without at least 3 sections (sub-jobs) with a specified name
  • Number of jobs with JVM arguments
  • Usage of unreferenced metadata by project
  • Usage of tLogRow components per job
  • Usage of fields in tMap components
  • Number of routines per job
  • Usage of context variables in jobs
  • List of child jobs with “die on child error” function
  • Number of child jobs per job
  • Scoring

A scoring system is based on the following KPIs to calculate the development quality score. It also provides an observation and recommendation on the detected development anomalies.

  • Kpi Resume

A table showing the trend of development quality.

  • Kpi On Demande

The “KPI On Demand” feature allows the client to design their own custom KPI.